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23 April 2009


Blonde Bombshell and Hidden Emotions are back up. Yay! That means everything is back and I can once again focus on writing. Of course, I still have to create new pages for the new stories that are ready to post. At least I discovered that the cut & paste glitch has to do with Microsoft Word and not Dreamweaver. I switched to using Wordpad for the moment, so my work should go much more smoothly.


Now ... which story should I work on first?

20 April 2009


Still having a bit of coding issues. So far I've put back most of my stories, except for Blonde Bombshell and Hidden Emotions. It's tedious work, because of formating issues. To make matters worse, copy and paste has decided to stop working (WTF?) and after several hours of frustration and getting nowhere, I've resorted to typing in the entire story. UGH. Luckily I'm a fast typer and sometimes I enjoy just typing to try to keep up/improve my speed and skills. Even so ... what a pain in the arse!


I'm also having issues with Marie's stories - it's some sort of coding problem that I have yet to figure out - so her stories aren't back up. Sorry! I'm also working on her to give me some new stuff, but her time is precious. Work keeps her busy and any free time she has is usually spent with me - lucky me! I might be able to convince her to dig up some of her old writings - particularly one that I find incredibly hilarious - and post them here.


Meki's pages should work and she has finally given me her two stories - Trust and Trustless. I'll be putting those up soon as I can (and if this stupid computer lets me. It would be so much easier if the cut and paste option would start working again. Seriously ... WTF?).


Oh ... and please forgive the state of the author pages - I'm still trying to get both Marie and Meki to write something about themselves. As for myself - well, I'm still not sure what to say - feel free to send ideas and/or questions. :)


There's a new story up on my page. It's non-fiction and something I wrote wrote for a writing workshop I took one summer in Texas. It's called Can You Hear Me Now?. I also contiue to work on Survival Instincts as well as some other stories. I have the sequel to Need nearly finished - it just needs some more editing. The editing would go faster if I wasn't stuck on some bits. Humph!


same day ... one hour later


AH HA!!! I fixed the peky code problem with Marie's pages! All her stories are back up! (If you're not seeing them still, try refreshing the page. If that still doesn't help - drop me a line.)

Now ... if I can just figure out where the hell the cut and paste option has run off to. You don't suppose it's on strike?

21 January 2009


Damn! It sure has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry to disappoint but it'll be a little bit longer. I'm in the process of updating the site, and it's taking me a while to do so. I'll be working on this on and off, testing links, changing pages and putting all the pages back. But hang in there, because once I've finished that - I'll have some new stuff up as well.